Classes Overview


All of the classes except those at the Frank Lee are 1½ hours, and the final 15 minutes is for ‘sitting and breathing’ and relaxation - very important!


We do some aerobic sequences, but not every week.  If you are using yoga as your main exercise these are important, and you will get a good idea of them in any term.


Each week the class is different and I will email you a lesson plan with stick men and the English or transliterated Sanscrit names for the poses.  I do this because I was frustrated as a student when I couldn't remember much about the class I'd just done.


There are spare mats, though most people who come regularly buy their own after a while, and yoga belts, blocks, and lavender bags to put on your eyes during the relaxation. I also have sandbags, bolsters, pilates balls, golf balls, marbles... All very useful for yoga.


You need to wear stretchy trousers and tops, and take your shoes off.  All the classes are mixed level, except the Tuesday morning ones, which are very gentle, but suitable for anyone who is interested in mobility and relaxation.


You pay for a term's worth of classes (eg 10) and you can take them as it suits you during the term - so you can mix and match between my six privately arranged classes (the Frank Lee system is separately managed), and you can also bring or send friends to use them up.


All students fill in information forms, and the returning ones have told me that they feel the classes have helped with strength, flexibility, toning and relaxation.  People have found they can ski, run, sleep and garden more easily.  Joints are eased and muscles lengthened. The classes are welcoming and lighthearted.

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