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Sunday 26th April 2015

New Silent Retreat Days

HALF DAY - SUNDAY MAY 10th 2015 - £30

2 – 5.15pm

This half day is a wonderful introduction to the effect of silence, and last time we tried it the students and I agreed it seemed like a tardis of time and experience – much bigger and deeper inside than it had looked on the calendar.

FULL DAY - SUNDAY JULY 19TH 2015 - £55

'It was one of the best days of yoga I've experienced, ever!'

Joan Henriques, yoga teacher


Sunday 7th December 2014

NEW class! - Monday mornings 10.45-12.15. Exciting!


Also second Silent Day Retreat, following the glorious day we spent quietly in November. This one is Sunday 1st March, booking up extremely fast, please contact me for details.


Thursday 7th August 2014

Next term's dates are up now, see individual class dates. I'm teaching for the British Wheel of Yoga Summer School in Cambridge from 7.30-9.30pm next Monday, 11th August. Queen Emma School, Godwin Way.


Monday 28th April 2014


WORKSHOPS – Sunday afternoons at my house, 1.30-4pm.

Dates: 22nd June (Restorative), 20th July (NEW! Freedom, Choice & Responsibility in Yoga Practice) – £20 each


The BWY congress was an amazing experience - thank you to everyone who supported me there.


Monday 27th January 2014 Places are going very fast at Congress - as I write 2 of my classes are sold out and there are just a few places left in the other 2. Overall there are still 140 places available at the weekend. Still room on the home workshops.


Thursday 12th December 2013 - I will do workshops on Sunday February 9th and Sunday March 23rd, both 1.30-4pm.  The first will be an extended Restorative class, to include dynamic poses for balance and full Yoga Nidra relaxation, as these have proved so popular. They will be £20 each, please reserve and pay at the same time as giving me deposits or payment for next term.


In further exciting news – the British Wheel of Yoga Congress residential weekend at Warwick University. Over 80 classes from leading tutors including ME. (I am excited but nervous – please come!) April 4th – 6th, no more details yet.


Wednesday 15th June 2013 - EXTRA SUMMER YOGA


Sunday 9th June 1.30-4.00 at my house

Sun Salutations, Extended Yin & Restorative Sequence, Yoga Nidra Relaxation  

If the sun shines we will be in the garden. Yin and Restorative yoga involve poses held for time – there will be lots of variations and props available to make sure the poses remain comfortable and safe. They look easy because they are all on the floor, but they have a strong effect on the mind and body. £20


Monday August 5th 7.30-9.30

I’m teaching on the British Wheel of Yoga Summer School,

Queen Emma School, Gunhild Way, Cambridge CB1 8QY

BWY members £6, non-members £8


4 bonus August classes £10 each, all at my house - Come to as many as you can! All classes will be in the garden if the sun shines.

Thursday August 8th 7.30-9pm

Tuesday August 13th 1.30-3pm

Thursday August 15th  7.30-9pm

Friday August 16th 10.45am-12.15pm


Wednesday 13th March 2012 - new dates are up, including a workshop on Sunday 9th June - total relaxation guaranteed!


Sunday 30th December 2012 - WORKSHOP DATES (all at my house) –

Sunday 20th January 10.30-12.45 – Inversions including Headstands £15

               1.45-4.00 – Extended Yin class and Yoga Nidra relaxation £15

Wednesday 6th February, 7.30-9pm, Inversions including Headstands £10


Saturday 15th December - the long-promised workshops are on their way - dates will be up WITHIN HOURS. Or days.


Thursday 9th August - Summer School underway, and the sun's out! Hooray!


Tuesday 12th June 2012 - Summer School!

Something really new for me - 6 classes in August - 9.30am and 7.30 pm on Thursday August 9th & 16th and 10.45am on Friday August 10th & 17th. All classes will be at my house - in the garden if the sun is shining - and will be 1 1/2 hours and £10.


On social network news - Linkedin and Facebook have not worked for me so far, but I love twitter - @NightingaleYoga


Sunday 11th December 2011

This has been another exciting year for Nightingale Yoga, with  new students and full classes, the blog going from strength to strength and the (hestitant) development of twitter, facebook and Linkedin profiles.  Come and look for me there!  


Monday 18th July 2011

I am back from a 5 day silent retreat in France with Sarah Powers, and have also done a 5 day anatomy course in London with Paul Grilley - I am so full of new ideas and information - good thing I soon have the summer break to digest them!


Monday 28th February 2011

I have a new plan for my Gentle Yoga class - it is going to be on Tuesday mornings from 9.30-11.  It will take me a while to get the timetable altered, so please bear with me!  I will change the details about the class though, so please go to 'Easy' if this sounds interesting for you.


Wednesday February 9th 2011

I've started a blog, I've joined facebook, I've joined Linkedin, it's a big step.  Do join me if you can find me - my blog address is


Monday November 1st 2010

Today I got my certificate in the post following the 'Yoga for People Living with Cancer' module.  I've been teaching this style since April, and enjoying it more and more as I become more familiar with it.  I'm also certified to teach the 'Yoga Nidra' relaxation - 20 minutes or more of visualisations and body awareness - just lovely.



August 2010

Please click on the following link to view my Sun Salutations guide, featuring my signature stickmen in full swing!:


Sun Salutations PDF



Thursday 19th August 2010

My new 'Nightingale REC class' has been running for a term now - I didn't put it on the site at first as it was a trial, using new teaching ideas for me.  It is for people who are at present unable to attend a general class for any reason - we have people in it with arthritis, for example.  I started it inspired by the British Wheel of Yoga module I've been working on - 'Yoga for People Living with Cancer'.  The exercises we do improve strength, circulation, flexibility and relaxation ability.  The Monday class is only 45 minutes - followed by tea and chat for anyone who has time to stay, and is in my house.  I am going to do just 3 longer classes on Wednesdays this term in a similar style and will start doing more in the New Year.  Please get in touch if you have any questions about it.


Wednesday 30th December 2009

We have just added a photo gallery - with photos of the Teenage Yoga Christmas 'party' and some of yoga in and out of the class, mostly so far of me! I'd like there to be more of other people - please send any you'd like to see on the site to me, and we'll put them on.


Sunday 27th September 2009

We are going ahead with the Sawston class - every Monday in October, 2-3pm at St Mary's Church Hall.  Please get in touch if you are interested.


Tuesday 8th September 2009

There is an exciting new plan so start a very different type of class in

Sawston.  Yasmin Emerson contacted me with her idea for


"a class at which children could be present.  There are a few classes around for mums and toddlers, but I was hoping to organise a class in my village for the mums or dads, with toys in the corner for the children to play with!  I realise that it would be hard to get the usual levels of concentration required (meditation would probably be right out), but it would be a really good way of making time for any yoga at all."


I started doing yoga when pregnant with my daughter Rose (who is now 15) and when I had a 5 and 7 year old.  My first years of yoga were fitted around the children in every way - when they were asleep, when they were distracted, when they were joining in - and I love the idea of coming back to something like this.


We haven't got the details sorted yet, but our present thoughts are for an hour long class on Monday afternoons starting in October.



Sunday 1st March 2009

I am loving the new Yin Yoga and Teenage classes - thank you so much for your support.  I'm now a fully accreditated British Wheel of Yoga teacher, doesn't change anything about my teaching, but is very useful for me, and I've worked with the BWY since my first year of studying yoga, so it feels like a very nice step.


Monday 15th December 2008

Dates and venues arranged for the new classes - 8 classes for Teenagers from 6.15-7.15 on Thursdays at the Friends Meeting House, Hartington Grove and 8 classes of Yin Yoga at my house on Mondays from 7.45-9 - I'll get new pages for them soon, and will add all dates for next term this week.  Hope to see you soon.


Sunday 30th November 2008

Very exciting news – I’ve decided to start two new classes next term.  I haven’t fixed up rooms and times yet (probably Monday evenings) but they are both new ideas – one yoga class for teenagers, and one Yin Yoga class.


I often wish I had started yoga long before I did (at the age of 34) and I think 13-19 is a great time to work on strength, flexibility and stress control.


Yin Yoga is the ‘held’ yoga – you stay in a series of floor poses for 3-5 minutes, and it really works quickly on increasing flexibility.  In recent years I have begun to ‘sit and breathe’ for a period of time, and through Yin Yoga have brought the time I can happily sit without needing to move up from 11 minutes in January this year to 30 minutes now.  Next week (December 2nd-5th) I will be teaching a Yin Yoga class in all my regular classes so I’d like to invite anyone who is interested to join one of the classes just for the week to see if it would suit you.


Tuesday 1st April

Classes at the Frank Lee start today - can't wait.  They will all be drop-in from now on - free for Gold members, £5 for others.  When the Friday lunch time classes start they will be £2.50.  


The Nightingale classes have a new time - 10.45-12.15, so I have time to get up to the Frank Lee for the new class there.


Friday 29th February 2008

Finally another piece of news.  My computer crashed in January, and I lost my mailing lists, though I still have the email addresses in a printed list.  I have begun to reconstruct my lists and will send out the usual reminders soon.  If you'd like to be sure to be on one please email me!


Very exciting news for me about the Frank Lee - we're going to put on a short (45 minute) lunch time class on Fridays, starting 4th April.


Friday 5th October 2007


New Thursday Classes


Yesterday I had an amazing day - I was a student in both Fran Hiller's Thursday morning classes.  A fantastic morning - then I used several of her ideas in teaching my evening classes!


I've put the dates for these classes onto the 'Individual Classes' page.


News page now scrolls


The plan is to leave old news on the page, so to make room for new news, it scrolls!




Monday 24th September 2007


Two big changes for me:


I will stop teaching my Melbourn class at the end of this term.  It is a great class and the staff at Melbourn are incredibly supportive.  They and I are looking for a new teacher for the class - please get in touch if you know of anyone.


After half term I'm starting two new classes on Thursday mornings.  Like my Thursday evening class they will be in the Friends Meeting House on Hartington Grove.  At present they are taught by Fran Hiller, a fantastic teacher, who is going to work full time at Cambridge University Press.  Her students will miss her very much, and I know she'll miss them too.