'I felt amazingly refreshed and deeply relaxed which surprised me as the pace was slow and undemanding.  It made me realise that I could deeply relax with very little physical effort.' - Tricia


'An overall improvement in flexibility, balance and strength. I think the combination of elements is just right.  Another major benefit of the class is increased calm. I love the combination of routine and variety in each class.' - Carol


This class is for anyone who could not do a general yoga or exercise class at the moment AND anyone who is interested in gentle yoga, meditation and extended relaxation. Many of the exercises are chair or floor based, with some standing. The movements encourage joint mobility and flexibility, improving circulation, body confidence and strength.


A lot of the work is based on the British Wheel of Yoga module 'Yoga for People Living with Cancer' but class members have differing needs, for example arthritic changes, chronic fatigue, recovery from illness or operations. Some people enjoy or need a change of aproach and pace from other classes. When the weather is miserable, I light the fire.  When it's gorgeous, we go out into the garden, where there is plenty of shade.


Tuesdays, 9.45-11.15am

Dates: Dates: 9th January, 16th January, 23rd January, 30th January, 6th February, 20th February, 27th February, 6th March, 13th March, 20th March – 10 classes, £100 for the term


Nightingale Avenue, Cambridge


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